Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter-A long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

Once upon a time, many many years ago David Lindley once wrote a blog. This blog was passed down through the Lindley generations until it eventually ended up here…on your computers screen. These are the tales of the Star Ship Lindley, boldly going where no Lindley has gone before….ah yes.

Well after that rather poetic intro I must apologise for the lack of blog. I really have no excuse so in the wise words of someone, “meh, deal with it”.

And before the battle commences I have littered this blog with sci-fi references in order to mark the new season of Dr Who. So count them up (there has already been a couple) and tell me how many you think there are!

Ah the long lost poll section. So seeing as it is the Easter period the question is “has Easter lost its true meaning”. Once again with a various number of different answers available so pick and choose and be merry =]

In response to the last poll, as expected most people answered that they were already penguins to the question “Should humans be allowed to be penguins”. In response to this I will probably vote BNP in the next general election because they are cold hearted and thus will make this country’s climate better suited to that of penguins.

My first term as a presented on the radio show “Graveshifters” came to an end with the end of term. It was a great term and I certainly had a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who tuned in. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and have in fact stumbled upon this blog through the worm hole I set up then click here

We also now have a cool thing where you can ask Mr Box any questions, this link is:

Also, URY (University Radio York) now do podcasts so you can catch up with your favourite episodes of Graveshifters here
URY Graveshifters

// Course
I am now on “holiday” or as the department likes to call it “five weeks in which to learn the stuff you should have learnt but we know you haven’t because we give you a planet load of work in which to satisfy your cravings for electronics while at universe ity”. Wow that was a mouth full. So yes I have 5 weeks off in which to *cough* TAKE OVER THE WORLD *cough* revise and learn the course. But that’s boring so instead I did this:

I bought off eBay a broken Nintendo DS original (broken case/hinges/screen)

I then proceeded to take it apart

I then proceeded to buy components to fix it with off eBay

I then fixed it

Overall I made a profit (if I sold the fixed DS on eBay) of an amazing £3!!!!
But yes that is what electronics is really about!

//TFG weekend
For those not in the Twyford star stream, TFG stands for Twyford Fellowship Group. It is the CU for my secondary school and each year it hosts an ex-student weekend. This weekend is run by the amazing Jedi Geoff Lumley.

The trip was focused on how the river of God runs alongside the river of life and together their destination is eternal life. The weekend was really great and I learnt a lot about God and where I need to improve in my walk with him.

As per usual the weekend was not without pranks:
Edward finds himself pondering if he really needs a portable toilet...

Thats right folks, praise the lord...oh dear No Entry that way...

I figured Geoff may want to be woken up with a sun lounger...who wouldn't

And we were even lucky enough to have a visit from Jesus!

He had just teleported from heaven

All the talks and stuff are available on the tfg website

Big thanks to Geoff for making the weekend happen.

Well seeing as I am back in the mother ship that is London now I shall talk briefly about what has been “jamming” here. When I first arrived back in London I was greeted with this in my bedroom:

I mean my parents must honestly believe that I do not wash when in York…

Over the Easter weekend my family and I went camping in the Peak District. You may think we are mad, but I prefer to call it “hardcore”. Although my facebook status would disagree:

In order to spice up the cold and windy trip I took a series of photos of things I found vaguely amusing at the time:
Thats quite alot of parsnips...

Churchill...Microwave and Dishwasher safe...and this fact was established in 1765...

A Bakewell Pudding that has been handed down over four generations...yum.

When my father plays scrabble

A successful trip I feel, and I felt once again connected with my Lindley-ness as we failed miserably at pool…

//Person of the week
I feel after much consideration my sister should get person of the week. Major reason is because I miss her when at Uni and now I’m at home I can finally show my appreciation via this:

So Grace Lindley congratulations you are person of the week!

//Prayer Requests
-Thanking God for family and friends
-Praying for a continued concentration with work load

Kepoow! That be all for now. Hope you have enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed writing it.

Post how many sci-fi references I made (I can’t even remember as this was written in two parts)

Stay safe, I hope you had a lovely Easter…

God bless