Friday, 24 July 2009

The First of many I feel

So firstly I thought id better introduce myself.
Im David, Im 17 (soon to be 18 though). I enjoy computer and stuff technological.
Im also Christian.

My spelling is appalling, i shall try my best to spell correctly, and i have just realised that this "box" has a spell checker on it, that is rather cool I feel, although i would guess it is American, but no worries.

I tried to sign up for the text service thing and realised after 7 attempts at sending the text that it is for US mobiles online, seems like i never read the small print.

Anyhows, this is enough for my first post.

Ill probably end up never updating this...ever but hey another thing to "add to my junk list", maybe ill get really into it, who knows?

God bless