Friday, 26 February 2010

University- Knitting?

Well its been a while since I did one of these (nearly two weeks now). Sorry to those who tuned in expecting a blog and received a rant about Maths last week. Thanks to TFG for explaining how to work out that x=0 is the same as 0=x…much appreciated.

So this week, a little less rant, a little more constructive: Should people be allowed to be penguins?

I realise that these polls are getting more and more obscure but hey…

In response to last weeks, 61% of people said that Maths should die in a hole. However as Geoff and Will both pointed out, without maths the statistical analysis I have just mentioned would not be able to occur, therefore Maths probably should not die in a hole.

Once again a section about the ever increasing in popularity Graveshifters. For those not in the know (or care) graveshifters is a radio show I present with Mr Hodson on Saturday evenings on URY. The highlight last week was when one listener (who shall remain anonymous but we all know as Megan Jackson) requested that I took off my top whist in the studio. Feeling left out Mr Hodson joined suit. The response was thus:

The above image was broadcast to the world through the medium of a live webcam. The chief computer engineer was in the studio at the time and then proceeded to post this onto facebook. I have since requested we get a censorship image placed on top of our webcam for our next show…tune in to see if this occurs ( 11:30pm Saturday)

//Other happenings
In sadder news, my phone decided to finally die. It did it in quite an amazing fashion, first the screen only worked ½ the time. Then the Speaker stopped working, meaning I had to rummage around for my headset every time someone called me. This proved a major issue when my future landlord rang me and I had to explain to him that I could not hear him…

The final straw was when the keypad stopped working, and although I tried using my new found knowledge of electronics to resurrect it was not happening…dead phone.

But help was at hand, in the form of ebay. I have now got a Sony Ericson thing, which actually has a better inbuilt camera…which is good =]

*Reconnecting with my feminine side*
Last weekend I once again crashed the home of 20 Sussex road in order to get some maths work done, whilst there I came across a strange habit that girls seem to develop…that of knitting….

That’s right bloggers, girls seem to like this strange “sport” whereby they spend hours making things out of dead sheep….

This did not really bother me I just wanted to make a point, that I don’t find knitting an attractive pastime, but neither is maths so fair does.

//Christian Life
As some of you may know I am joint leader of Explore (a group for people exploring faith). So far its going amazingly well with God bringing new questions and people every week. Its been a challenging time for me as obviously being human I do not have all the answers, but God is good and explore is continuing to surprise me.

Christian Union also cleaned my kitchen last week as part of Love your uni:

Just thought I should mention this as they did an awesome job.

We also held a join event with Alquin CU this week called Curious; the idea was to have toasties with testimonies. It was an awesome event especially because I broke all health and safety regulations:

And I found this gem on campus:
"University of York in the evening"- Confused much?

*Rag week*
Two weeks ago was RAG week (raising and giving), not much to mention apart from I had the privilege of marching into York city centre dressed as a Jedi, enough said:

Last week my supervision group and I had to present a poster for our group project, this went well, although we did turn the whole event into a sort of rave by bringing speakers to accompany our poster…I’m sure the physics and Electronics building appreciated Daft Punk being played on a Friday afternoon.

We also took the opportunity to take lots of photos on my new phone:
Our Poster

//Person of the week
This weeks person of the week finishes off a family of people that have been on my blog for quite some time now. Jayne Chuter completes my family of 20 Sussex Road.

Enjoying music and knitting, Jayne is a lovely person. Although she denies it, she absolutely loves having her hair rustled and thrives in having her hair platted by David.

//Prayer Requests
-Explore Group
-People on my floor, for continued good relationships
-Graveshifters (thanking God)

So there you have it, another blog from me. I hope you have not fallen asleep reading it. Remember to tune in to Graveshifters and send me a message and ill do my best to give you a shout out. In the mean time, remember that God is good, life is fun and cheese is awesome.

God bless

//Random Photo of Jono
This is what happens when you pose like that...I post it online mahahah

Monday, 8 February 2010

University- a rather long blog because I was in a good mood =D

So once again I’m sitting down at my computer/laptop in a lecture writing a blog. Yes, I know what you’re thinking…In a lecture surely you should be working…well yes, but when the lecture is on “Poster Making” I feel like I’m in a primary school class learning how to use safety scissors.

Should maths in its entirety go and die in a hole…

I personally think “yes” due to the fail I managed to achieve on my departmental exam (24% woooo) however as my course mate, Ben, stated I should care as it holds 10% of this year’s mark which I have to pass….

So yes vote…”Should maths in its entirety go and die in a hole?”

Once again Graveshifters took to the airwaves on Saturday evening to broadcast to the world with its banter and music. The show kicked off with the theme from Thunderbirds mixed in with Starstrukk by Katy Perry. The main features included Troll where we invited our pet Troll into the studio to carry out a section where we search the internet for new unfound funny and interesting music/videos (although music is preferable as it is a radio show). This week’s “Troll” was a man Beat boxing the super Mario theme on a flute:

Other features included the Sunday Serenade which for your enjoyment I have posted below in the form of a link…this will also count as the Ukulele section as well:

Ukulele Section

However the highlight of the show was when my lab partner, Wil Bennet, descended on the studio 10 minutes before the end with his house mates, each holding a female equivalent to Mr Box. Yes that’s right Mr Box suddenly got fans:

Thank you so much to everyone who listened and to Wil Bennet and Co for the amazing contribution. We look forwards to next week’s show =D

As mentioned in Poll I have received my departmental exam results…
Electronics – Pass
Mathematics- Fail
Overall- Pass

The letter I received in response to this stated:
“Your overall mark corresponds to a Third Class degree classification”

Yay go me…NOT.

However its not all doom and gloom, I stumbled across this in my department last week:

That’s a container of asbestos…which for some reason the uni is full of.

I also found this

How ironic…

So in other news 4 of the guys on my floor decided to share a house and have actually *fingers crossed* got one. It is here on the map:

View My Saved Places in a larger map

It is a terraced 3 story house with huge double rooms, bathroom/toilet/shower room, medium kitchen, big lounge…all in all its pretty sweet. So hopefully we will have it for next year.

//Christian life
So I think I have finally found a Church, Heslington Church (5 mins walk from the Uni) is a lovely Church of England/Methodist cross, it has a modern attitude to worship and a smallish congregation. I have been there 3 weeks now and am liking it. After Church on Sunday Rachel (Friend from CU) invited me and Jono to her house for dinner. It soon became apparent that she also does blogging so here is her blog:

We had sausages and homemade chips and then finished off the afternoon with a game of articulate where Jono apparently has never heard of a “Sweatshirt”. We also graced their house with our amazing baking skills:

All in all it was an amazing afternoon and was lovely to get to know the lovely house of 20 Sussex Road even more =]

//Person of the week
Once again I am going to have to have two people of the week as they both deserve a special place in this blog:

Person number one: Wil Bennet
As previously mentioned he spent his Saturday evening making cardboard friends for Mr Box. This made my Saturday. He is also my lab partner and in the last lab session we made a bass amplifier and this was made all the more fun by the introduction of his amazing sennheiser headphones.

Person number two: Rachel de Quidt
Rachel is an amazing person, she is lovely friendly, and has an amazing sense of humour. She also invited me and Jono around for lunch which makes me like her even more XD

Not really an update but just to prove I am living the student life:

That’s a shopping trolley full of Morrison’s Value Shopping…ohhhh yehhh

Also Jono is truly a student…he burns things:

//Door Wars
I know what you’re thinking, did that not die…well no. A couple of weeks ago Jonny Grout came back to find his room…hanging in the corridor:

//Prayer Requests
-For the Radio Show, thanking God for it
-Thanking God for the house
-Thanking God for my friends
-Praying for the work load that is ever increasing

Been an exciting week, ups and downs, obviously the lows are not put in this blog because I don’t want you all to get depressed.
Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Much love
God bless

Monday, 1 February 2010

University- Week 4 already?

So another blog, another week and oh my days its already week 4!!! This term is rushing by, showing no signs of stopping. But as no-body in particular said “The blog must go on” (in fact its probably Tahir who said that in a drunken state in the V-bar) but anyways…..

THANKYOU soooooo much to everyone who listened in. For those who do not know what im on about; Graveshifters is the brand new show to URY (University Radio York). It features myself (David Lindley), Mr Hodson and Mr Box. It is broadcast at 11:30pm on a Saturday. The first show was really good fun, with mixed reactions from my friends at my cover of Poker Face on a Ukulele. Due to myself and Mr Hodson being at the CU weekend away last weekend there was no show, however we will return next week, so please listen in XD

You can listen in here:

And join the facebook group here:

And get a taste of what we are about:

Still have not got my results back for my departmental exams, although I’m pretty certain I have failed maths. However, I did get back my lab report from before Christmas and achieved a 1st which was amazing news (praise the Lord). Apart from that Course continues to be difficult but enjoyable.

This week’s feature is House party. This for those who are not in York, or in the Christian Union is the name given to the Christian Unions weekend away, and it was EPIC!

The teaching was based on the book of Habakkuk (small book in the Old Testament). It talks about having faith and waiting on God and then listening to God, something I’m sure we all struggle with. As well as great teaching there was worship of which I had to do PA for a couple of sessions:

And Nathan (Other PA dude) doesn’t really like morning:

Also it was decided that I, David Lindley, know more about Hitchhikers guide than Susana Ward, although she would disagree massively. Susana Ward for those not in the know is the other Open Small Group leader for Vanbrugh Explore Group. She is a truly amazing person, although she is a psychologist but I don’t hold that against her =P.

As if the whole weekend was not exciting enough we also had a massive amount of snow:

All in all it was a great weekend and I learnt a lot about God.

//Person of the week
I managed to miss this out last week so here is a double dose
-Person 1- Megan Jackson
Another requested person of the week, she is the ex-Vanbrugh CREP (College Rep) for the CU. She is a lovely person and makes amazing cakes, knits amazing hats and is generally an amazing person.

-Person 2- Emily Murdoch
I met Emily online before actually coming to York. She is now Vanbrugh CEC (College Evangelical Co-ordinator) and put so much effort in its immeasurable. She studies English and History combines and is incredible. Love you Emily XD

Nothing to report here apart from there is so much happening at the moment its impossible to mention it all in one blog, so I am spacing it out for the next coming weeks

Well last weeks poll was have you kept your new years resolution, the results were: 50% said they resolved not to keep it, the rest were mixed.

This week a bit of a random one:

Whats better Pie or Chips?

Thats that...

//Prayer Requests
-For God to continue to reveal himself to me (sort of a life long thing though)
-Thanks that the CU has an amazing relationship with the college
-Thanks for a great weekend

As always, take care of yourself, listen to Graveshifters and continue to seek Gods glory.

God bless