Saturday, 17 March 2012

A long awaited update

Having realised that I have not posted in this blog for nearly a year I decided to actually do something about this.

Obviously I am not going to update you on everything that has been happening for two major reason:
1. It would be incredibly boring
2.It would take an awfully long time to write

So instead I will pretend that I have updated you all  and all you really want to hear about is the last month or so.

So here goes, lets see if I still have what it takes...

I have recently been given the opportunity to run a youth group aimed at year 11-13s in my Church here in York. This came as a great blessing and answer to prayer in my life as I have been asking God for a way to get more involved in the Churches life for a long time and youth work is something God has placed on my heart.

We currently get between 7 and 9 young people coming along each fortnight and we generally just play silly games/do some cooking and then have a very informal discussion about Christianity. This week I am leading a discussion on "Who is Jesus" so that should be fun.

As well as the Youth group I am also helping with Sunday School most weeks which is a great chance to be a kid again.

Christian Union is going strong with around 40 people coming each week. Just to show the growth:

My first Year - 15 members
My Second year - 25 members
My Third year - 40 members

...and people say God does not work.

I am still webmaster of the college junior common room committee (JCRC), but this does not take up that much time any more due to the redevelopments that I did last year.

"What about the radio" I hear you cry?!? Well fear not it is still going ahead, we do a weekly show and it is usually on a Wednesday from 5-6pm. However as term has finished it will not be back on for a while. However there are podcasts you can listen to online at

As for my course, well its going ok. I have alot of work to do and have a stupid number of exams in about 5 weeks but it should be ok.

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I may as well push my other blog (which is also don't update) its linked at the top of this it!

//Run out of things to say
...... PEANUTS....

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-Youth group

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So yes, there we go. Boring hey!

Well I hope this satisfies your desires...if not well I urge you to find Jesus...

God bless