Sunday, 1 August 2010

University- Summer Term

Well its been a while. Actually since Easter a blog has not occurred. And seeing as this blog is going to be rather long, its going to be written in three parts for your reading pleasure.

PART I-Course
I apologise for the lack of blog, but as you will soon see I have been very busy. So part one of the three part blog. This part is called “Course”.

Last time we met (we being the blog, and the meeting being reading it) I was on Easter Holidays, and despite the rumours which floated around the 1st April, I have not transferred to male nursing although at times that seemed like a pleasant release from what is Electronics.

The summer term start was littered with late nights, including an all-nighter in which I managed to program an evolutionary art program.

*note* A Evolutionary art program is a program by which the program will display a series of images and then evolve one that you choose *end note*

This particular incident caused me to use nearly a whole jar of coffee but in the end victory was had. I am expecting the results of this assignment later this week.

Below is a picture of some of the art work my program generated, if anyone wants a copy of it just drop me a message (although I can’t for the life of me think why you would).

Some of the images produced

After the stressful start, the term did not slow down. With between 24 and 28 contact hours a week and an expected 20 hours minimum own study; late nights have been a common occurrence. I found myself more than once being the last person left in the library and on one particular evening I nearly got locked in as I was sitting in a small room with one study desk, the porter came in and promptly turned off the lights… Why all this studying you may well ask, well as a first year Electronics student I have to pass a series of exams in order to progress to year 2.

So as exams drew closer my course mates an I got better at worrying and even better at procrastinating. Below is a particular procrastination which sticks in my mind. My lab partner and I decided that instead of revising Digital Electronics, we would instead have a virtual pokemon battle via the means of photos on each others facebook walls:

Thanks to Wil for compiling this

I think everyone will agree that I won that battle as Jesus Obviously beats a middle finger. Thanks to Wil for compiling the images.

So exams came and for two weeks I saw no sunlight and turned into this ugly mug:

While awaiting the results of my exams I had to make a vocoder/keyboard for a group project. This was the result that was formed:

It sort of worked but we ran out of time..

As for my results, thankfully I passed my first year and with a 2-1. Maths was the lowest pass by a short margin with TX lines coming narrowly in second place. Finishing miles in the lead was C programming with Physics and Devices coming second. It was lovely to be able to have a sigh of relief at the end of term knowing that I was into the second year. Thanks to everyone who supported me in any way through my exams. Special mention goes to Ella Jennings who made me food when I was hardcore studying and the Vanbrugh CU who brought me coffee and biscuits during a particularly stressful evening.

End of Part I

PART II – Christian Life
God has really revealed himself to me this term. I think without God I would have gone insane quite early on.
Amongst the course and Uni life is an interweaving of Christianity. Earlier in the term I had the honour of helping lead the junior TFG weekend. It was a great weekend and saw several young people give their lives to God.

While on that weekend it occurred to me that I actually gave my life on a junior tfg weekend in the very same room. I then worked out that I had been a Christian for 6 years and that blew my mind. If I had known what God was going to do in my life then I would not have believed it. It is just so refreshing to know that even when we are stupid, foolish and just human God loves us and uses us all the same. In 6 years I have made so many stupid mistakes and done things that does not honour Gods glory, however he still uses me and is happy to talk to me and answer prayers.

The weekend was made all the better by seeing Harry once again. I met Harry on the TFG ex-student weekend where we shared many jamming sessions on the keyboard and sax. He is a doctor in London and as Kallum would say “an alright sound bloke”

Harry rocking out the drums

I have also recently decided to buy a new translation of the bible. I feel that the youth bible has served me well but the time has come to get a more literal translation. I am yet to decide which translation to get.

There is a lot more that has happened this term involving God, a lot of personal development has gone on with God revealing more and more of him to me and what I need to change about myself.

It has been truly amazing this whole first year to remember some of the conversations I have had about God with others. Even up to the day of leaving I chatted to some floor mates about God. I would ask any of you who pray to ask God to bless everyone who I know at Uni for making my first year so memorable and that they would all be protected over the summer.

The fun us PA have at CU meetings...

More prayer points are at the end of the blog.

End of Part 2

PART III- Other Happenings
As most of you will know, Graveshifters is a show I help to present and run on the university radio station. This last term we did a full season including a (failed) outside broadcast:

We also were privaliged to win a award. Graveshifters is now officialy URYs Best Entertainment Program 2010. A special mention to anyone who tuned in or joined the facebook group and I appologise for the number of reminder texts I have sent out over the last year…long may they continue.

Me (left), Daz (center) and Wil (right) at the awards evening

Graveshifters will be back next term so keep checking the facebook group for details:
Graveshifters Facebook Group

//Door Wars
Unfortunately, due to exams and assignments, door wars did not really continue into the final term. However I did come back one evening from the library to find this outside my door:

It is infact solidified gravy of the onion variety…

To end the term there was one final door war prank played. At the beginning of the year we were all given rape alarms. I found this “rape” alarm and decide to have some fun. By randomly opening peoples doors and throwing the “rape” alarm into the room without the pin inserted caused a large amount of fuss to be caused by one LAURA TREWICK who thought that with a hangover it was totally inappropriate behaviour…I beg to differ.

//New House
Having come the end of my first year it was time to move out of halls. It was a very sad occasion especially leaving my room and handing back my keys to the wonderful A218 on Le Page Top Floor.

However not all was doom and gloom as with leaving the old came moving in the new house. 68 Frances Street York.

It is a four bed roomed terraced house down in Fulford (for those of you who know districts of York) near the river. Below are some pictures:

It is a lovely house and I am sharing it with some lovely people next year.

End of Part III

//Prayer Points
-For the summer to be amazing and that I can really catch up with my friends
-That God will help all those having to do resits
-For a friends Dad who is ill

//Praise Points
-That I passed my exams
-That Graveshifters won an award
-That I survived one year at Uni

I know this has been a long blog, but in fairness I was trying to sum up a whole term. I have skipped absolutely loads of important things but I did not want to bore you to death. The next blog will be shorted, I am considering making a sister blog for shorter random posts, that is the new poll this time so give your feedback on that.

Thanks to everyone for the support over the last year, roll on year two.

Much Love
God Bless