Thursday, 31 December 2009

Photo summary of 2009

Well, 2009, what a year. To be honest it’s been a life changing year. In terms of life skills and education I have learnt more than I have ever learnt. Friends, I have made more friends that I have ever made, and I have defiantly become more connected with God. Instead of doing a full blog outlining this year, I have decided to do it in pictures of key events. These are defiantly not the only events that took place this year, or the only ones that capture my memory, they are however a sample of what happened this year. They are in no particular order. Hope you enjoy...

//Twyford FM aka Twyford Radio

This was my soul project for my time as Head Boy at Twyford, started in 2007 open evening with just a couple of hi-fi speakers it was my project and my legacy for Twyford C of E High School. It was a vision to get students who were talented by stage shy to take up a new and accessible media such as radio. This year the school gave the thumbs up to building a state of the art radio studio which would be managed by student. When the new facilities were opened, I felt my time at Twyford was complete.

//Twyford Fellowship Weekend

From the photo you can see this was the original door wars, 3 mattresses pilled up against a fellow "floors" door. However this was not that only reason I remembered this weekend. It was also a time of learning about God, and I certainly did. I realised that I had gone on a tangent to what God really wanted to do with me. Pyjama praise also made a re-appearance in the evening with two night’s worth of praising in PJs.

Property of

//New Church

Although the above is of a trip away with the Church and of Luke Sears, I did indeed find a new Church this year. It is situated in London, Acton and is called Acton Baptist Church. I was invited initially to re-configure their sound system but I felt at home there and so just stayed. It is a lovely warm environment with such lovely people, they are all really supportive and I know that they have been praying for me while I have been at Uni....Thank you =D


Obviously, having been there for 7 year Twyford has not only been a major part of this year, but indeed the decade. Leaving it was a sad time, I had made many friends there, and many memories still surround it. A special mention must go to Philip Baxter, having met Phil in the first couple of weeks at Twyford I have been friends with him for over 7 years now. He is now...studying Electronics at weird is that? However, I wouldn’t change him for the world. Thank you to everyone who made it so special, all my friends and all my teachers...


Last year a new addition was made to our family. A new cousin. Eloise (top photo) turned 1 this year and she is lovely XD. The top photo was taken at our family picnic where my Aunt and Uncle came back from Australia for a bit. It was a lovely day. The second photo was taken on our family holiday in France this year. The final photo was taken in about that Rhian! It was actually sunny on that day and we were doing a drive along the coast and stopped to take some photos.

//Small Groups

Another Christian section now, this year I had to say goodbye to my Small Group, Pittshanger Mixed...It was a sad occasion but I do love them all very much. They all rock...enough said.

//Will Popes BBQ

Just one of those events you seem to always remember...This was not only held on the day of the Britain’s got Talent final but it was also a day when Guy Gifford got locked in a rabbit cage, and I had to run around a nature reserve in nothing but boxers...ah good times.

//My 18th

I turned 18 on results day, so it was not only the day when I realised I had got into first choice, but also the day I became a man (although many contest this FACT). My friends and I celebrated in style with a pub crawl around Ealing/Northfields. It ended with the original "drunk of the week"...Sam Ashcroft:

To be fair he had just got into Cambridge...

//Lake district

This was the ultimate test of man hood...6 guys, 8 days, the highest mountain in England. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on, just 6 friends drinking and walking. We had a real sense of achievement at the end.

//Soul Survivor

For those who do not know, Soul Survivor is a big Christian camp with seminars and such like. It really opened my eyes to what God can do and I finally truly understood the band I had been wearing for 3 years...PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens.


The final holiday of the summer was canoeing down the river Wye in Hereford. As you can see from the photo Ed and Chris joined my family and I (and family friends) in a three day expedition down the river. It was a really nice trip and one last chance to see my friends before I headed off to Uni...


Obviously this was the one major life changing experience which has only just started. Most of you will know most of the happenings of my Uni life so far as I have been writing blogs all term. However I must say I have met some amazing people and some I am sure will be friends for life....

So this year has had ups...and downs. It has been one for new friendships and old friendships, one of discovery and realisation. However, one this I can be sure of, God has been good, surprising and never changing.

So to everyone, I wish you a very happy new year. May God bless you all and keep you and your families safe.


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  1. I'd just like to point out to anyone who's interested 3 of those events of this year were created and brought to you by Will Pope :D