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University- On the homewards stretch

Arrgghh, im so sorry for not doing a blog last week. I suddenly lost all sleep/time and the week just continued and a blog was not done. I’m really sorry, so to make up...I shall post a cool picture at the end....(I couldn’t think of anything better lol). So this is my first blog as the official “Webmaster”...more on that later. This week, updates on the radio, Christian life, poll, Christmas....the usual. Read on, comment...

So last week I released a poll asking whether you, my lovely readers, wanted me to change the background and layout of the blog. The results are in:

In 3rd place was to keep the orange
In 2nd place was to try a new layout

Which means, back to black we go...for now. You have spoken and change has happened.

So this week’s poll is, Has Christmas lost its true meaning. Please vote and then comment on what you believe Christmas is really about, why you like it ect.

Volume for those of you who are in the dark, are Vanbrugh’s own events, and this weekend (Saturday to be precise) held “White Christmas”. It was a cheesy filled evening with £1.50 snake bites (half cider, half beer, shot of ribena) and the JCRC (Junior Common Room Committee) election results.

As you should know (from previous blogs), I had gone of a poster spree making posters for several campaigns for these elections.

The results were as follows:

Chair: Tahir Shetty

Vice-Chairs: Anne Ly & Steph Northcott

Treasurer: Kate Gibson

Secretary: Steve Ramsey

Female Welfare: Beth Miller

Male Welfare: Henri Ward

LGBT Representative: Helen Houghton

Overseas Representative: Manuel Sarmento

Entertainment Representatives: Laura Trewick, Verity Lowe, Sajni Shah, Millie Newman, Kallum Taylor and Johny Grout

Bar Representatives: Megan Shirely, Rachel Carnahan, George Barnard & Ken Ng

Sports Representatives: Pranesh Mahendran, Emily Lloyd, Adam Grey &
Lorna Blake

RAG Representatives: Lianne Stansfield & Emily Fisher

Volunteering Representatives: Mich Allard & Fergus Smith

Music Representative: Jonathan Lancaster

Environment & Campaigns Representative: Susana Paardekooper & Catherine Garman

Sponsorship Representatives: Daisy Gregory & Emma Goodwin

Merchandise Representatives: Tom McCarthy & Chris Venables

Webmaster: David Lindley

Press and Publicity Representatives: Chris West, Nick Skeavington,
Rachelle Martyn & Emily Snape

Ordinary Members: Helen Williams
Joseph Smart
Timothy Alston

All in all a good group of people. Watch this space.

On Tuesday there was a Christmas ball. Unfortunatly I had to white shirt (due to a certain Laura Trewick spilling red VK over it in freshers week), however Jono went man shopping for me and bought a all was good.

We had an amazing 3 course meal, and a massive party after. All in all it was an amazing evening:

After last week’s sections on how lectures were interesting, I owe an apology to Emily Goodall (one of 5 girls on the course), who made an amazing skittle decoration for me to put into my blog and I (being a stupid person) forgot. So here, just for you Emily, is the skittles:

Also I have been set my first “lab report” and it is due in before Christmas. This simply sucks...but hey lol.

In better news, next terms timetable is out. Those of you who are at York and know me, know that I have 9:15 starts every morning without fail. Luckily next term I get a lie in...on MONDAYS!!! WoOoO *dances around room*.

Last week I had my radio training session, it included learning how to operate a sound mixing desk ( =] ) and how to use the programs they have to make a smooth show. I also had to sign a contact saying that I would not express homophobic, racist, or political view points....there goes my idea for the racist, homophobic and political show featuring David Lindley..(*joke*).

Hopefully you will be hearing from me on the airwaves pretty

//Christian life
Seeing as it has been 2 weeks since I updated you all...God has been doing some really cool stuff.

A couple of Tuesdays ago i was contacted by Megan (Vanbrugh CU leader) saying that I had been nominated for the roles of PA Co-ordinator for the main CU and Vanbrugh Open Small Group Leader (OSGL). As you know I have been praying for patience and a purpose in my walk with God for being here at Uni. Suddenly it was answered in a massive way. I prayed about these positions and felt that God wanted me to go ahead with them. So I have accepted.

So what exactly is an “Open Small Group Leader?” Basically it is my job to lead a discussion group for people who are exploring faith or wanting to know a bit more about why Christians believe what they do. Its quite a scary job, but at the same very rewarding as it will both strengthen my faith and help others learn about it.

I was reading the bible and met the book of Jeremiah. In Chapter 4 Verse 3 it says:
“Plough your unploughed fields and don’t plant seeds among thorns...”

I was pondering over this verse, and after a discussion with Geoff (see previous blogs), understood that in order to share the gospel (plant the seeds) you first have to show Gods love to people, pray for them. I feel that that is really what the first 7/8 weeks of my Uni life were doing. I was ploughing the fields. Now it is time to plant the seeds.

Following on from this, on Thursday Vanbrugh CU held a “Food for Thought” evening. It featured lots of toasties, several Nooma DVDs (Short sermons) and alot of interesting discussions. Alot of people turned up and it was the first event I was running as PA-Coordinator. It was really good to see the college supporting what the CU does. I think next year God is really going to work within our college with the new JCRC and the support of those higher up in the college. God is good.

//Person of the week
This section has been drawing alot of attention from readers. Alot of people wait for weeks to become the “Person of the week”...but this week....I had to give it one person....and one person alone.

This week’s person of the week is no other than...The New Chair Of Vanbrugh... Tahir Shetty!

*note, he did bug me to do this...*end note*

So Tahir, what can I say. He is obviously the new Chair of Vanbrugh, he studies politics and is generally a very “Sound” (Kallum Taylor Copyright) guy. He is going to do an amazing job as chair next year, and he supports the Vanbrugh CU (and long may it continue). He also reads my blog, apparently, and has alot of ideas for the website which I have to design over Christmas lol.

So that’s it, Tahir Shetty, happy now?

I’m rather hoping he starts his own blog for the new Vanbrugh website....

So it is now less than two weeks away from the big day. Last week I received a package from home from Mummy, Daddy and Grace (I would write Gracey to fit with the whole theme but she doesn’t like that so I won’t). In these packages I got:
-Not just one, but two...yes two advent calendars
-Lots of food, including a lovely cake made by Mummy Lindley. The floor says thank you XD
-A V-shaped pillow (headrest style thing)
-Some Christmas Cards including an amazing one made by Grace

-One Russian hat, which Dad brought back from Russia

So what does this have to do with Christmas...well nothing really apart from the two advent calendars.
In the last blog I requested some audience sort of worked.

I also thought I should mention the amazing Christmas card made by Ella:

I asked that you lovely people would comment with the best present you had ever received. Here is the list I have got:

-Ray Hutchinson (explorer Scout Leader) - best Christmas present I have ever got was in 2003 when my wonderful girlfriend got me the hornby train set I never got as a kid, I can’t wait to buy my own place where I can set it up in my loft.

- Laura'best next door but one neighbour'Trewick *She made me write that* - to climb the Sydney bridge

-Emily Murdock - most amazing Christmas present (so far)? Hmmm....that would have to be what I'm getting this Christmas - a stage standard full size electric piano! But apart from that, probably books. And an Oxfammy thing that paid for a classes textbooks. That was cool. And now I'm rambling :-D

Those were the responses far. Lets have some more please XD

No updates

//Prayer requests
-For Christmas XD
-For my lab report
-Thanking God for giving me a purpose
-For friends who have family members ill
-For my family

So once again, I’m sorry that there was no blog last week I want to do a summary of the whole term, the highs and lows and stuff. And this time next week I will be back home with family...and my lab report will be done XD.

Have a lovely week
God bless

//Funny picture as promised

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