Saturday, 26 September 2009

The weeks before Universtiy

So I now have officially 2 weeks left in London, its starting to feel really wierd sitting at home as my closest friends all disappear to other parts of the country. It has been challenging and im starting to get nervous.

I went on a mad spree last week and bought a new funky laptop and it is amazing. My lovely parents paid for part of it as my birthday and results present and so that was very nice of them. The main reason for buying a laptop was because my parents are not planning to pick me up at Christmas, this would mean I would have no computer for the near month I am back in London which would not be good. Also for Uni a laptop is apparently essential...but who knows.

I also went shopping with my family to Ikea to buy cooking utensils and such like. That was good fun although I did have a slight argument with my mother when i tried to buy pint glasses. She seems to think that at Uni I will just be drinking squash but hey...

As for my Christian life, its going well. I have started plaing keys in my Church's worship band (a bit late I know but its God's timing not mine). Also i lead a bible study at my small group which was really good fun. Im reading Kings 1 at the moment and its so interesting. I've always stayed away from the Old testament because i thought it would go right over my head...but no. Its such a good part of the Bible.

I have also (since my last post) recieved a job in Blacks in Ealing, which is awsome. The people there are really nice and im learning loads every day and so its such a blessing, because without the first job you are frankly unemployable.

My reading list came through last week, its going to cost me a small fortune to buy which scares me but I know God will provide what I need. I think im nearly sorted as for banks and rail cards and stuff, everything is slowly piecing together and Im slowly feeling more and more ready to leave London to travel up North...

Thats all for now, please continue to pray for the next couple of weeks as they are going to change my life alot.

God bless 
David x