Sunday, 4 October 2009

A lot to do..

So now we come to the final week of my time in London. Apart from the random stragglers left from Y13 and those going to York...I am alone.

Having got my new laptop I have realised that I now need to transfer certain documents from my desktop onto this computer for University...unfortunatly that takes time. I may just put all the documents onto my external hard drive and then just access them "on demand". My new laptop is working out pretty well though, it can run "Guild Wars" well and can play assassins creed when on the lowest of low settings....but it is playable. Also i plugged it into my 22" wide screen LCD and it looks hopefully i will have a pretty good setup in my room at York.

I have now got some linen for my room so I do not have to sleep on the floor when i arrive which is a very good thing because beds are nice and floors are not. On the subject of floors my room is a mess...and i mean a real mess. I thought it would be a good idea to sort out all my documents (the physical type) before i moved, so last tuesday I got out all 5 folders of school stuff, work stuff, random stuff, medical stuff, insurance stuff, money stuff and tried to sort it. It ended up with more mess on my floor and now I have no idea where anything is...oh dear =S

But still, one week to go arrrgghhh.

God is being so good to me at the moment, although im missing my friends I know he is there for me and I know that when i go to York he will be my shelter and my guide..and I definatly need a guide!

I shall leave it there for now...may update you in the week.

God bless