Monday, 30 November 2009

University- Lectures are interesting

So this is the start of my advent blog (seeing as today is the first Sunday in advent). The run up to Christmas has begun, shops are having Christmas music playing (although that started in July) and people are starting to slack of work.. Have a look at the ADVENT section, this is a section which requires you, my readers to participate to make it work for next week.... This week there is no real feature, just stuff that has happened and pictures and videos...Read on XD

So as you know last week I started a “poll” on my blog. The poll topic was “Do you like prefer the new layout”. Unfortunately I did not realise that that was not clear enough as there was no option for “They both suck”. Therefore, although the poll showed that most of your preferred the new does not represent whether you want me to keep it. Therefore I have decided that I shall keep it until a better one becomes available and re-open the poll to a more suitable question...Please vote on the right hand side.

So as previously mention I had a mid-term test last week, it went quite well. I managed to scrape a 72% which in University terms is a 1st. However, it was multiple choice and it did highlight that I need to do alot more maths revision...oh the joys.

Also last week I was set my first assignment, to program a computer game in the wonderful language of C. So far my program makes a stick man move...this could be fun.

I managed to burn my nose on a computer chip in labs this week, it really hurt and I now look like least Christmas is soon.

The photos below show how exciting University lectures can really be:


//Ents and others
Last week I posted a poster which I designed for my block mates who are going for Ent reps. Soon after posting this, I was asked why I was not going for press and publicity. The simple reason I have not applied for this role is it takes alot of work and needs a team of up to 4. Instead, last minute, I decided to go for “WebMaster”. That’s correct, I will (vote dependant) become the master of the web. Basically it means I have to update the Vanbrugh JCRC (Junior Common Room Committee) Website.

Here is a copy of my poster:

Also here is another poster I made for sport reps:

And finally, Susana (neighbour) and Catherine (Drunken person of the week last week) are going for Environmental Reps...Vote for them XD

//Christian Life
God is amazing....end of.

//Christian Life mark 2
Well because although that does sum up what I think of God, it does not sum up what has gone on this week with God, and alot has happened.

As mentioned last week, I was asked to organise a worship band for Vanbrugh CU. I was planning to play flute as Emily plays keys. As most of you know I have not played flute in a worship band for nearly 5 years. I was quite nervous, but I gave it over to God. The worship session kicked off and I cannot even remember what happened apart from that God was really present, and all my fears were taken away.

Secondly as you will know (if you have been reading my blogs) I have been praying for patience and knowledge of what God has planned for me here. I think I have found part of the answer. In our prayer group (Consisting of Ella, Jono and myself and now Rhian (see person of the week)), we were praying for this and it came about that God had already been using me, just in small ways that I was to blind to see. People’s attitudes have slowly changed towards the concept of God and their language has changed accordingly.

Another thing to mention in the Christian section is that we have seen some amazing answers to prayers, most very unexpected. I won’t go into detail because some is quite personal and some is just too long and weird to explain....but God works!

In other news, I went along to a worship workshop led by the main CU. I played keys and did a bit of PA. Hopefully I will be able to serve in that way.

//Ukulele section
This week I decided to bring the blog out into the real world. Vanbrugh holds an open mic night down in the JCR (Junior Common Room) on Sunday evenings. So I got my good friend Hilana to sing “Somewhere over the rainbow” while I played Uke XD, we may have messed up and Jono may think it was my fault but it was good fun, and I plan to do something similar in the future. Here is a video...thanks to Jono for the appalling filming...ha:

//Person of the week
This week, another girl features. Just before I start this week’s feature, I have to mention another person...Geoff Lumley. Geoff is my Secondary School’s CU leader and is following this blog. Last week I received an email from him complaining that I was two timing girls....I didn’t really understand until I realised he was referring to the’s not my fault if I make friends who are girls....I rest my case.

So this week’s featured person is Rhian. Her name does have an accent on the “a” but I cannot work out how to put one in on BlogSpot, so apologies.

I met Rhian in person at the worship meeting that I held for Vanbrugh CU. She is a singer. We soon got chatting and it became very apparent that she is most defiantly, undeniably...Welsh!

The CU was organising an event at a local gig venue called The Duchess. It was a night of funk and testimonies and Rhian needed someone to go with her, so I decided to go along. It was a great evening and I learnt alot about God and got some answers to prayer (as mentioned above).

Rhian has now joined our prayer triplet to make it a prayer quadruplet.

No real updates this week.

Because during this week, advent will start I have decided to try something which involves wonderful readers. On next week's post I will have a section numbered from December the 1st up to the 6th. On each of these numbers I would like to post the best Christmas present you have ever had on it. If you want your name and thing to be put on this blog please post a comment or email me ( If it goes well then we will try again next week =D...wooo for audience participation.

//Prayer Requests
-My assignments coming up
-Thanking God in general
-For friends who have family ill
-For God to continue to show his amazing-ness

So that it for this week, thanks for reading. Remember God is amazing, keep strong in faith and stay in touch with me. Only 3 weeks till I return to London...wooop

God bless
Love you all

//Warning don’t get drunk mark 3

Old Photo from fresher’s fortnight...but I did promise to put it up mahahaha

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  1. most amazing Christmas present (so far)? Hmmm....that would have to be what I'm getting this Christmas - a stage standard full size electric piano! But apart from that, probably books. And an Oxfammy thing that paid for a classes textbooks. That was cool. And now I'm rambling :-D