Monday, 1 February 2010

University- Week 4 already?

So another blog, another week and oh my days its already week 4!!! This term is rushing by, showing no signs of stopping. But as no-body in particular said “The blog must go on” (in fact its probably Tahir who said that in a drunken state in the V-bar) but anyways…..

THANKYOU soooooo much to everyone who listened in. For those who do not know what im on about; Graveshifters is the brand new show to URY (University Radio York). It features myself (David Lindley), Mr Hodson and Mr Box. It is broadcast at 11:30pm on a Saturday. The first show was really good fun, with mixed reactions from my friends at my cover of Poker Face on a Ukulele. Due to myself and Mr Hodson being at the CU weekend away last weekend there was no show, however we will return next week, so please listen in XD

You can listen in here:

And join the facebook group here:

And get a taste of what we are about:

Still have not got my results back for my departmental exams, although I’m pretty certain I have failed maths. However, I did get back my lab report from before Christmas and achieved a 1st which was amazing news (praise the Lord). Apart from that Course continues to be difficult but enjoyable.

This week’s feature is House party. This for those who are not in York, or in the Christian Union is the name given to the Christian Unions weekend away, and it was EPIC!

The teaching was based on the book of Habakkuk (small book in the Old Testament). It talks about having faith and waiting on God and then listening to God, something I’m sure we all struggle with. As well as great teaching there was worship of which I had to do PA for a couple of sessions:

And Nathan (Other PA dude) doesn’t really like morning:

Also it was decided that I, David Lindley, know more about Hitchhikers guide than Susana Ward, although she would disagree massively. Susana Ward for those not in the know is the other Open Small Group leader for Vanbrugh Explore Group. She is a truly amazing person, although she is a psychologist but I don’t hold that against her =P.

As if the whole weekend was not exciting enough we also had a massive amount of snow:

All in all it was a great weekend and I learnt a lot about God.

//Person of the week
I managed to miss this out last week so here is a double dose
-Person 1- Megan Jackson
Another requested person of the week, she is the ex-Vanbrugh CREP (College Rep) for the CU. She is a lovely person and makes amazing cakes, knits amazing hats and is generally an amazing person.

-Person 2- Emily Murdoch
I met Emily online before actually coming to York. She is now Vanbrugh CEC (College Evangelical Co-ordinator) and put so much effort in its immeasurable. She studies English and History combines and is incredible. Love you Emily XD

Nothing to report here apart from there is so much happening at the moment its impossible to mention it all in one blog, so I am spacing it out for the next coming weeks

Well last weeks poll was have you kept your new years resolution, the results were: 50% said they resolved not to keep it, the rest were mixed.

This week a bit of a random one:

Whats better Pie or Chips?

Thats that...

//Prayer Requests
-For God to continue to reveal himself to me (sort of a life long thing though)
-Thanks that the CU has an amazing relationship with the college
-Thanks for a great weekend

As always, take care of yourself, listen to Graveshifters and continue to seek Gods glory.

God bless

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