Thursday, 8 October 2009

A complete guide to University packing...especially for Clare Smedley!

Well seeing as people have now started reading this blog its getting serious!!! Only joking but i have had a request for a blog on the subject of updating my previous post on Uni packing. Clare Smedley, one of my friends from Twyford and Youth Group complained to me on the bus that I had never actually reported back on the number of saucepans I was here for her and your eyes is my complete guide to University packing.

//Kitchen Stuff
I have got the following:
-2 Mugs (I have actually got 3, Grace has bought me one (Grace being my sister) and doesnt want me to know about it =S)
-2 Glasses
-A small casserole dish
-A small mixing bowl
-3 Saucepans (increasing size)
-1 Oven tray
-A cooks measure (thanks to Mr Bilson who told me about these)
-A Measuring jug
-A bread knife
-A knife
-16 pieces of cutlery (4 complete sets)
-2 plates
-2 side plates
-1 bowl
-A sieve
-3 Tupperware boxes
-2 Scrubbing brushes
-A potato peeler
-2 plastic glasses
-A Spatula
-A mixing spoon
-A serving spoon
-A bottle/Can opener
-A tin Opener

//Computer stuff
-Media Hard drive
-Speakers (Thanks to Miss Bilson for informing me about these)
-A Bluetooth Mouse
-A 22" wide screen monitor
-A playstation
-A N64
-Relevant disks/games
-MP3 player
-Relevant Cables
-USB Keys

-No idea what I’m bringing clothes wise...and frankly as long as I’m warm?!?

-Wash stuff
-Sleeping stuff

//Ok i know it got less and less complete towards the end but I realised that you don’t really want to know what I’m bringing to uni with me...unless your Clare. Also as you can see i have inserted a new formatting system into my blogs (from now on) whereby I shall have sections denoted by "//". This makes it easier to read i hope?

//Prayer requests
So as I am 1 hour away from my final day in London (until Christmas) there are some things that need prayer.
-Firstly for safety on my family's journey up to York
-Secondly that I can settle in
-Thirdly that I will be a good ambasador for Christ durring freshers week and indeed the term

So I hope you like this CLARE SMEDLEY and feel proud that you are the first person who has had a blog post dedicated to them. Thanks for reading as usual, stay safe, message me, text me, my next blog will be from my room in York!!

Until then
God bless and goodnight
David x