Wednesday, 14 October 2009

University Finally!

Well I said that I would post a blog as soon as I got here, but that didn't happen =S

So I shall guide you through what has happened so far:

My lovely family and I left the big city at around 7:30 on Saturday and made it to York just before 11...which considering is not bad at all. 6 STYC's (Second year contacts that look after us) took all my belongings up to my room and even offered to unpack. Then my family and I went into town for lunch, went shopping and headed back to my room. Then I was left on my own to unpack...but no how could I unpack with people arriving?

So instead of unpacking I left everything on my floor and went to say hi to the person living opposite me. Tabby is a 20 year old fresher (having done a gap year); she is studying History of Art and is really nice. We chatted for a bit and then I left her to get on with her unpacking.

I was then about to start unpacking but then our STYC came up and told us to go to down to the bar....

*sidetrack* The V-Bar as it is known is my colleges own bar. My college is called Vanbrugh and is "probably" the best college in the world. We have nearly 500 members and are a musical college which is awesome seeing as I brought a keyboard, flute and my ukulele with me. The bar is situated in the Central Vanbrugh hub one which my accommodation is 2 floors above...meaning I can have my breakfast with a pint without even putting on shoes....if I wanted to. Vanbrugh lies in the centre of campus meaning I can get to my lectures in less than 5 minutes. I am about a 25 minute walk into the centre of York which is not to bad either.*end of side track*

So we headed down to the bar to get to know some people and then just chilled out for the rest of the evening. At 2am I decided to go to bed...went into the kitchen to get a drink and another person 2am!!!! So we chatted until about 3 and then another person in the end I didnt get to bed until 4am....but it was worth it.

People here are really nice, they are all as willing to make friends and chat about things that don't really interest people. There are around 20-30 people on my floor sharing 3 kitchens (2 small, 1 big). We all seem to have clicked really well and they are all really accepting of other peoples wishes to drink/not drink/religion/subjects. On the second day a religious debate broke out (after I had got up early to go to Church) but they are all willing to discuss religion and faith and the ideas behind it. One girl (Laura) asked if in the future she could tag along to a Church with me to try and rediscover her faith...God is working here!

so my room is actually quite big for a Uni room. It has a desk, two shelves, and a wardrobe with a cupboard in it, a bed, and some more storage by the bed, a sink, more storage above the sink. It has space for me to put all my stuff, including my set up keyboard...which is must say was an immediate hit!

//Photos of my room

The view from my window

My room

My sink/Wardrobe

My bed

The Control pannel...when the magic happens

so as I previously mentioned I went to Church on Sunday, I managed to wake up Phil Baxter (who is living in Halifax College off campus) and we walked into town to find York Baptist Church). We did not think much of it though, which is a real shame but we are going to try a Church of England church next week.

//Random stuff
-So after settling in a large handful of us decided that it would be a great idea on Sunday to make a communal Sunday roast, then it came about that we should invite the Provost (the Head of our College, similar to the Dean of the University) along to it. So we texted him (he gave us all his number) and he replied as follows:

"Thanks! I would be delighted to accept your very kind invitation. I'm vegetarian though but very happy with just some veg. Thanks so much and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! David"

Yes his name is David.

-Shortly after arriving some people made a comment on the amount of computer stuff in my room, then the realised I was studying electronics and so my door now reads as follows:

Lydia being a girl on my floor

-My N64 is a hit, we had a massive game of Mario kart room is now turning into the hub for our floor...seeing as it has the largest screen and a keyboard!
-I brought with me 5 "I’m York-Tastic badges" from Twyford, I handed them out for the fresher’s ball and they were also a hit. I did explain that I had not just made them for the occasion but the year 8 football team just never got their badges
-In order to organise the amount of milk in our fridge we have got a system whereby you add a face to the milk you buy, this is what the kitchen looks like at the moment:

Seeing as I have come to University to get a degree I think I should really talk about my subject...even if just for a little bit.

I had to register for my course yesterday and my timetable is sooo packed. I have to get up every morning without fail at 9:15 for something, and then most days I finish at least I’m getting my money's worth. I went to the library to get some of my books out, meaning I do not have to buy them which is good.

//Prayer Request
-Prayers for my new floor mates that they continue to be interested in my faith and that this will lead onto bigger things.
-Prayers for the start of my course
-For the continuation of jokes had by all
-Thanks to God for putting me in a such a wonderful friendly and loving place

I will try to do weekly updates but this is seriously the first time I have had to myself for about 3 days lol.

God bless and miss you all loads


  1. Loving the milk xD
    And kudos on waking Phil up xP

    Good luck at Uni!

    Jo x (Phil's girlfriend =D )

  2. Contact!
    Great to be able to read that you are OK
    Does the milk labelling work for youghurt too?

  3. This is so Cert 18 that I cannot continue to read.

  4. David..we are all waiting on tenterhooks for another update. If you are too busy then you need to get your priorities right. Your public need you. Cut something out of your schedule to fit us in (some lectures maybe).
    Nothing is more important.