Sunday, 8 November 2009

The hows and happenings of floor 2


A month...that’s correct I have now been up North for a whole month, and it’s starting to show. For one thing I have started pickup up the local lingo. I quickly discovered that up here they never say "To the" instead they just say "t"...for example. I’m going t'pub = I’m going to the pub. This week’s edition of "an insight into david" has alot more happenings than can be mentioned just in the intro section...thus you should read on.


Ah my fellow twyfordians, you will all be very familiar with this. On Monday of the week just gone I decided to introduce the dart game to my floor. For those who do not know here is a quick insight into the dart game:

-If a fellow dart game player is walking with his/her back turned to you then you may call out his/her name, if said person turns around you are then welcome to throw a dart at this person. This person must then, due to the law of darting, fall to the floor dead.

-Said person can protect themselves from the dart by covering their neck

-Said person can have his/her dart removed by anyone, but the person who removes the dart will then be playing the game and is now subjected to being darted themselves

There are many other rules...see the facebook group XD

So all was going well until i got darted, and then again and again. I have thus realised I suck at this game...



So another happening this week was actually due to my good friend Will Pope. I received a text late on Wednesday evening saying..."Dude tell you what we need to do when we get back, a centurion! It is amazing."

So I promptly looked up what a "Centurion" was. It so happens it’s a drinking game (Should have known). Basically you have to do 100 shots of beer or cider in 100 mins. For those not use to drinking, that’s about 2.5l or beer or cider. So on Friday night my floor set out for this epic challenge.

Not everyone finished (mainly due to the girls drinking vodka mixes), but James Wilson, Myself, Jono, Richard and Bulgaria managed to finish this task.


Suddenly I’m learning stuff that I have not learned before. This came as a shock to me when I had to actually go to the library to get out some books. Apparently most electronic students stay well clear of the library. The work load is starting to pile on (annoyingly) but I am managing.

//James Wilson

James got very offended that I had not mentioned him in person in my blog yet, so therefore I shall now dedicate a whole precious section to you.

James getting ready for Centurion
The only real thing I shall mention about James Wilson is that he cheats at the dart game....that is all.

//Christian life

So life with God has been progressing as usual, God keeps on surprising me with new happenings but I still cannot see where he wants me to invest my time and a Church has not appeared yet. Last Sunday we went to a Church of England Church which was nice but the congregation was lacking. The Vicar seemed to come alive more when I told him I was from London...but apart from that there was nothing special. Today we are planning to go to an evening service at another C of E Church. The Church (rather fittingly) is the Church that Guy Fawkes was baptised in and is situated right next to the minster. 

I have completed the book of James and was rather disappointed at how short it much so that I’m going to re-read it.

The college CU also invited us to a firework party at a house down in Tang Hall (the ghetto of York) we went along:


There was also a small fire, on which we cooked marshmallows. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) we had far too many marshmallows, thus the game fluffy bunnies was started. This game depends upon a huge I did ok XD.

Basically you have to put as many marshmallows into your mouth as possible; I managed to get to 12..

9 fluffy bunnies!

//Mr Box

On about Tuesday a package of Amazon books arrived for my friend Jono. Being good students we were planning to recycle the box...but no. Instead Mr Box was formed:



So this week my featured person could have been James, but there is another person I have got to know better. Her names is Ella Jennings. She is a member of the Vanbrugh CU. I had a great conversation with her about starting a worship band sort of bible study group as a sub group of the CU. The college CU seem to back this idea up, we shall see.

Ella wrapped in a scarf...due to Jono.


A new section to my blog to update you on random articles in previous blogs which need updating or amending.

Firstly a note to Verity Lowe. I apologise for insulting you in the blog posted on Friday 23rd October. She did give me back my money and she does always give back money. So for this very reason I would like to amend her character profile from my blog to:
Verity- She is a lovely character who always makes me smile, she is also my official floor partner and Kallum is our child...

An update to door wars, poor Jonny did not know what hit him over the last week. After last week’s blog people tried to up the game with the blocking of doors, someone decided it would be funny to steal Jonny's mattress and hide it in the shower. But on Friday night the ultimate door/room raid was achieved

Somehow managed to get the keys to his room

A Small amount of facebook raping...

Moving his whole room into the Kitchen

Moving the kitchen into his room

//Other happening

In other news, I found out just last night that I had gained the position of First Year Course Rep for Meng Electronics. This is good news because I applied. I would have been rather surprised if I had got it, having not applied. The fact that there were no other candidates I’m choosing to ignore. =P 

//Prayer requests
-The two friends of mine who still have family members ill
-For God to continue to guide
-Thanking God for another productive week
-Pray for my Grandma to get better (as she is ill)


So as you can see once again floor 2 has failed to disappoint. New happenings happen every week and there were many more than I could be bothered to mention in my blog. My sister Grace wanted a special mention in my blog so here it is...GRACE LINDLEYY! Ta da! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support and thanks for reading, please comment.

God bless


  1. Mr Box was most definitley the star of that blog... love u mr box :-)
    That was, well, a right royal groinal of a read. Keep it up!

  2. sigh. i wish i had as much interest in my blog. even my own sister has failed to read it! still, a really well written blog. keep up the good work big D

  3. David, Thank you for the latest instalment. We are missing you at ABC - hope you find a good Church I will see if we have know any good vicars and congregations in your area. Val

  4. Loving the blog David... keep it up


  5. hmmm i got that next as well...i was slightly apprehensive about typing it into google knowing of Will's strange habits but there we are

  6. david :) congratulations on implementing the dart game, i tried to explain it to one of eds flatmates but he just looked at me like i was crazy and said nothing :/
    sounds like you are up to lindleyesque trouble as ever! lol soo haps its going well for you and when are you back in bush??

  7. I love it... ;) It's like a concise, nice, edited version of what we get up to... without sharing the gory details ;)

  8. Hello there

    I read the bit about you losing your keys, dismantling your room, praying, then finding your keys.

    Don't you think you should have prayed before dismantling your room?

    Chris, Leeds, UK.