Monday, 16 November 2009

University- One half term later

Officially I have completed my first half term at the University of York. Time seems to either go really slowly here or stupidly fast...either way there is never a quiet day. This week saw events such as doing washing in the bath to Ukulele songs. If either of these take your fancy please read on. If not then read on anyway because you might as well seeing as you have taken the time to log onto my blog =]

//Washing the bath
So last Sunday afternoon, soon after posting the last blog, Jono pointed out to me that we still needed to do our washing. So we took the long 2 minute walk down to Vanbrugh washing room and were greeted with a horrible of the two washing machines were broken and the other one had a massive queue (well only 3 people long...but even way that a good 2 hours), so in a moment of genius Jono suggested we did our washing in one of the 3 baths on our floor. Having reached the top floor we put all three bags of washing into the bath tub and ran the hot tap...
Now there are several issues with this:
                -We had no idea how hot the “hot” tap was
                -We both had very limited experience of washing clothes
                -There were alot of clothes...
So having run the tap Jono made the very obvious comment “Well there is no return now...”
We then added washing powder and proceeded to “poke” the washing with a stick (i.e. the end of a mop). This did not really work...and colour started to seep out of some of the clothes. Therefore we decided to get our hands dirty:

My top is off because it was stupidly hot in there


Washing in the bath has its benefits =D

....3 hours later, we had washed (by hand) each item of clothing, rinsed it all out and it was still soaking wet so then we headed back down to the washing room.
We put the load in the dryer for 50 mins, £1 worth...came back and it was still another 50 mins, total cost £2...still soaking.

So the only thing left was to dry it in our rooms...this took most of the week. Kallum pointed out that for £1 more we could have used both washer and dryer and have clean clothes for the week rather than a smelly room. For this very reason we are never washing clothes in the bath again. Also it was a massive waste of time...which is what Uni is all about XD

Having become course rep, I had the joy of sitting in on a Board of Academic Studies Committee this week. For those of you not in the know, this meeting discussed everything I didn’t really want to know and I just sat there for an hour and was not really asked my opinion. However, I am now allowed to send out mass emails to my year I did. Within 12 hours I had already got several responses. One person though I represented their college and two people complained that the vending machines didn’t work. Obviously first years don’t really care about their course lol.

This week’s featured person is the Provost of Vanburgh College. The main reason he is the featured person is because he was kind enough to invite every Vanbrugh college member around to his house (which is 2 mins away from where I live) for a buffet and chat. He is such a nice bloke and is by far the best provost in the uni. He is also a Christian and I had a very interesting conversation with him about the CU and faith.

So finally after 5 weeks, the Ukulele I brought with me has had some proper use. Yesterday morning Kallum and I decided to record a video:


As you can see the Ukulele has officially taken  off on this floor, more videos will follow.

//Radio Station
When I first came to York it was one of my aims to get my own radio show. This idea was shared with my friend Jono. So earlier in the week we headed down the University Radio Studio (which is just bellow my window) to see how we would go about getting a show on the air.
We then started the game of cat and mouse, having given our names down we were promised to receive an email that email came. So we went down to the studio the following day...same thing happened. Eventually we got put on the mailing list and then on Saturday morning an email came through saying that a presenter training session was coming up on Tuesday evening. So we both signed up.
Watch this space!

//Christian life
God has been really encouraging this week and I saw some answers to prayer.
On Wednesday I lost my keys...I seriously obliterated my room. It looked worse than it usually does (Which is usually pretty bad; ask my floor mates if you don’t believe me). Still no key. It got to the stage where I had to get a 24 hour temporary key from the porter. So I was in a bad mood, and was on facebook chatting to Emily Murdoch and she said, “I’m going to pray for your keys to turn up”. At that very moment I decided to pray as well, so I pushed back my keyboard in order to lean on my desk...and hey presto there were my keys! God is amazing.
Also on the religious front, I was asked to organise a worship band for Vanbrugh for two weeks time, which is very exciting.

The return of the updates section, and this week we have quite a few:
-Thanks to Alex Pye, who correctly corrected the naming of fluffy bunnies in last week’s blog to “Chubby bunnies”. This mistake will not happen again, and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
-Chris Read asked if he could be put as the official starter of the darts game, so here you go Chris.
-Door wars have continued, this week’s target was Verity:

Onion rings on the door

Caught in the act

I have some very sad news regarding Betty (the car). Earlier last week we discovered that she had become ill. She was not starting; a mechanic was called out but still no luck. Our prayers go with Betty and her family.

//Prayer Requests
-My new responsibilities due to becoming a Course Rep
-Prayers for two of my friends who have family member’s ill
-To gain motivation to do more work

So that’s it, a half term gone....and it has gone stupidly quickly. Thanks for reading, sorry it was late. Tune in next week

God Bless

//A warning to anyone
Do not get drunk...this happens:



    I love you David ;)

  2. Hm. Well awesome as this all is, I feel your last week of term is going to be the most awesome yet. :D