Sunday, 1 November 2009

University- Door Wars

So the end of the third week has arrived. It really doesn't seem like I have been here for three weeks. My course has really kicked off as has the life of Le Page Block A Floor 2 (Where I live). Read on XD
//Door Wars
So the feature article of this week’s blog is Door Wars...
In a Galaxy Far Far Away, Le Page Court Stood above the rest of the courts of Vanbrugh College....
So earlier this week I awoke at 8:45 for my usual 9:15 start, and when I opened my door I was greeted with a mop and a wet floor sign falling on me. Then it happened again, and it was not just me. Most of the floor were experiencing this but no one knew who was running these stunts...and so the wars began.
One evening myself and Kallum (see previous blog) decided to advance the stage of warfare to other items. We choose a target (Jonny as he was the most likely candidate for the door spamming), and we went about our mischievous act.
Here was the final result:


The idea was that when the door opened, the signs would wall thus knocking the beer cans over causing a loud noise....and it worked.
So obviously Jonny had to get his revenge.... (Continued later on)

As we are now in our second week the course has started to kick off. Unfortunately the physics and devices lecturer is not as good as hoped and this is the one part of the course which I have not done before... Apart from that it’s all quite simple at the moment (due to the A levels I did) but the contact hours are so long, I often find myself stumbling out of bed after Mario Kart marathons to make it to a 9:15 start. And I know all of your who are at Twyford will be thinking "9:15" what a late start...but when was the last time you stayed up till 3am playing Mario Kart mahahah.
//Christian Life
As some of you may have seen I posted a status on facebook last week saying:
"David Lindley sometimes does not understand what God is doing...but still I will trust him...hmmm"
Basically the gist of this statement was that I believe that God put me at York for a reason but at the present moment I do not know what that reason is. Over the 3 weeks I have been here things have started to fall into place but I do not really know what God wants me to do here, where he wants me to focus my gifts and my contribution...but I am trusting him to guide me.
Last Sunday myself and Jono headed to a Church called the Calvary Chapel. It was situated in a house/barn thing and was really welcoming. It is linked to the bible college here at York and so has alot of students but has a wide range of ages represented. The worship was good and the teaching followed the bible well. The only weird thing about the whole Church was that there was a large number of 20 year olds who were already married. I was later told these are people studying at the Bible College...still a bit strange. So this is a Church that has gone on our tick list. Next week we are going to visit a C of E church!
I am in the process of reading James in the bible and it is so relevant to what’s happening here at York. The first point made is not to be down heartened when people question and test your faith. It says that it only strengthens you. These words were really comforting as alot of questioning has come about over the last few weeks. Also there was a huge section on having patience in God...which relating to the top paragraph of this section makes complete sense.
There are alot of Catherine's, Cats, Katherines here. I think I have met at least 4 since being here. Catherine Charles (a good friend of mine from back down South) may feel inadequate now but let me make it known she is not =D.
There is a Kat in the orchestra group thing (she also plays flute), a Catherine who is in Vanbrugh and a Cat who I met at CU.
I’m starting to think we may need some dogs in order to balance the equation... (Bad joke I know)
//Door Wars continued
So Jonny was planning his revenge and told us so....however we were not expecting what happened next.
Late one evening I was coming back from Eric (Eric is the other Vanbrugh housing place) after meeting some people and I wandered into my corridor to find this:

 Yes that is a bike and a road block. We still have yet to find out where he got these items from and how he managed to get them onto the 2nd floor in his rather drunken state...but still...
So in the morning the cleaners asked us to remove these items (I think it was said a little more harshly) the bike is now in the bike shed and the road block is somewhere...
Now the planning had begun, how could we top Jonny’s shameless actions of literally finding a bike and a road block? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind (sorry couldn't resist).
The University of York prints several free being the York Vision. They leave them for people to take at the bottom of our stair case in huge piles. We devised a plan whereby we would paper Jonny into his room....
So late on Thursday evening, we went downstairs picked up 28 newspapers and started sticking them together to the exact size of the door frame:


Then with a large amount of effort we transported the completed structure to Jonny’s door and began sticking it to the door:

After sticking it to the door we then provided to fill the gap between the door frame and the door with all the recycling....
At 9:00am Jonny awoke for this 9:15 lecture...the result was to say the least "epic".
So the wars continue....
*the following evening we went to a party and on the way home, someone found this:

This was then added to the list of door happenings...

//Other happenings 
So my lovely friend Laura decided to bring her car and pay for a car permit, thus yesterday we went on a drive to Morrison’s...stopping at spoons (Weatherspoons) on the way. I must say that the "Gourmet Burger" from spoons is as if heaven has come early, especially when cooking takes time and eating is no longer a necessary requirement.

//Prayer Request 
-Two people I know who have members of their family ill
-The upcoming votes for Coursereps
-For patience and understanding

So thats the end of my third blog while at York University, I must say I have settled it much quicker than i expected and I have actually started calling my room home...

Thanks for reading, please comment (there should be an option at the bottom of each blog).

Have a safe week
God bless


  1. Woo, first comment!
    Well I must say that's pretty epic. I feel the need to start a blog of my own.

  2. David, this is really well written - you're having way too much fun doinng really pointless/irrelevant things. We had a similar thing here, with two guys putting the wet floor sign in front of each other's doors. I found another on and persistently put in in front of their doors for a week and they both blamed each other - no one suspected me!!!! Take care honey, praying for you xx