Monday, 23 November 2009

University- Saturday's the day

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//Ent Reps
The time has come around when the University starts to get people to campaign for roles around the student union.

A group of 6 of my friends decided to go for Ent Reps (Entertainment Reps) for Vanbrugh college. So earlier this week I was given the task of designing a poster for them. This was the finished product:

They will do an awesome job, and so if you’re in Vanbrugh and reading this...I recommend you vote for them!

//Saturday are super
Not getting up, eating lots of food and procrastinating....that defines the word Saturday.

Having 9:15 starts every day means that when I have the opportunity to sleep in, It is used to the MAX!

Every Saturday I also try to use up the food in my fridge that is about to go off...or in some cases already has. So this weeks breakfast was a full English...with bacon one day off its sell by date, mushrooms which were brown and bread that deserved to die...but you know what it was tasty and because I want to prove to you that I actually ate it, i took some photos of the progression of eating:


As well as eating the mouldy food in my fridge I also went sightseeing with Ella (see previous blogs). We walked around the city walls and went into York Minster...for free! (oh the joys of having a student card).

Looks like Jesus is "repping" York

Ella also decided that after having an amazing Hog roast for lunch...a ice cream in November was the best idea ever....

So in conclusion to my in November are defiantly a win, fry ups are also a win, and procrastination in general is a win!

This upcoming week I have got a “mid-term test”, and in a usual test fashion I have left it until the last minuet to revise but hey. However, every cloud has a silver lining and this is no exception. I found out that the test is:
-Multiple choice
-Allows calculators

So therefore my chances of passing have increased by nearly least I hope so.

This week I had probably the best lecture ever. In Digital Electronics the lecturer brought in a wheel chair... no-one really had any idea what it was for until 10 minuets until the end of the lecture where he proceeded to sit in said wheel chair and drive it....with his head. That’s right controls just movement of his head.

He designed it for people who have spinal damage and it actually works.

//Christian life
As mentioned in last weeks blog, this Saturday I had a worship band practice with people from Vanbrugh college. We met up at the provosts garage for a 2 hour session. It went quite well and for the first time in 4 years I am playing flute in a worship band....prayers defiantly needed for this though lol.

God is still teaching me patience and I am at times struggling to trust him with all issues in my life.

//Ukulele Section
This week Laura is the guest artist, and we sang "I Kissed a Girl". I appologise for my appauling vocals....

-Last week I forgot to reference the pictures of the washing in the bath to Richard. I apologise, they were his pictures not mine.
-Radio: Jono and I had our radio training session and that was quite good. We have now been put on the list for demo sessions. Unfortunately this list is 80+ people strong, meaning we won’t actually get our demo slot until mid spring term...ouch *Update* While writing this several slots became available, therefore we have now got our demo slot on the 7th December *end of update*

//Person of the week
I have decided that this week I shall introduce one of my friends from back down South...William Pope. I must stress that he did ask for his own section and usually I would not give in to his demands but he was holding a kitchen knife up to the computer screen and was about to mutilate an orange....

So William Harris Pope. He is amazingly musical, although he does not play the Ukulele *Shun the unbeliever*. He enjoys drinking and sleeping and playing COD4, although I know believe he plays COD4 2? He is likely to become the next local hobo of Bath due to failing his degree. In all seriousness though he is truly butters.

//The camera does not lie
This is what happens when you leave your camera in the hands of those who you apparently “trust”. What they did not realise is that I was planning to post them on the blog...mahhahha

Thanks for that Jonny

//Prayer Requests
-Three friends I know who have family members ill
-Increased patience
-Increased motivation

So there we go, we are into the final month of term one. I am missing people alot, am looking forwards to Christmas. Keep checking the blog for updates.

Love you all
God Bless

//Warning don’t get drunk mark 2

Catherine, actually fell asleep under my desk...


  1. I'm commenting like you said :P

  2. "COD4 2"...dont you mean COD8

  3. Some of the photos in this blog make me glad I'm not visiting at christmas...
    Good stuff Big D. Keep up the good work, but the beige has to go.